:: Submitting Questions ::

Begin each question with "In what book...".

Use the edition which is listed in the Official Title List.

Use correct grammar.

Make the question as simple as possible, using archaic and unique words only when they are integral to the text.

In writing questions, keep the following in mind:

  • Avoid obvious questions
  • Avoid key words from the title
  • Avoid using the character's name, or gender, e.g. "In what book does the main character..."
  • Avoid questions with more that one title for an answer.

Try to cover significant events, character development, major themes, unique settings in time or place.

The Question Collector will select the best questions for the school, county, regional and state battles.

Please proofread your work. You are the expert on that title. Then have another staff member proofread it for grammar and readability.

Type questions and cite the page where the answer is found.