:: Awards ::

Immediately following the competition, an awards assembly will be held. At the assembly present the awards to the winning teams, thank all the merchants who helped, and honor teachers for their unsung work in the community.

How Can I Afford This?

  1. The biggest initial expense is the books. The school often has funds to purchase 1 set (or two) of the books in paperback. This can greatly help ease the program expense for you initially; therefore all books should be paperback.
  2. Look for outside help to buy the books for the school library. PTA groups often have money in the bank and can purchase added copies especially the paperbacks. Banks and other businesses or service clubs can be approached. But ultimately--the books need to be on your shelf after the Battle of the Books anyway--so look at this as an opportunity to develop a higher quality collection. Also because they are chosen from award books, you may already have many of the titles.
  3. A Battle of the Books T-shirt for each student could be paid for with student activity funds, outside help, or by each individual student (being sensitive to a poor student's need to have the shirt supplied). If this is a financial problem, please consider it optional.
  4. You could always have a bake sale, or a give-a-book to the library program for adults in the community, and how about your local Friends organization, or your local bookstore could set up a registry rather like a wedding registry for people to purchase books for the library--BE CREATIVE!
  5. Don't forget that local merchants will help with the food and drinks!
  6. Sponsors: The following is a list of past sponsors of Americas Battle of the Books at various school districts.