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America's Battle of the Books

P.O. Box 1517
Lebec, CA 93243
*(661) 248-1009

Email: staff@battleofthebooks.org

Alonna Wentland

Business Manager/Owner

Support Personnel:

**Kathleen Phillips

Kris Bell, Kerry Sherer & Katie Feldstein
3-6 Grades Advisors

Wendy Wegman & Peggy O’Malley
6-8 Grades Advisors

Angelica Soto
Advisor for Spanish/English Booklists

Alisa Nelson & Dr. Wentland
9-12 Grades Advisors

Stephanie Jones
Advisor for Medium Booklists

Valerie Taylor
Advisor for middle school, home school and high school booklists

Ruth Tennies & Dr. Wentland
Advisor for Christian School booklists

*When contacting ABB you will reach Steve. He is usually available in the mornings in CA. If you reach his voice mail please leave a time, day, and number for him to call you back.

**You can contact our Editor, Kathleen Phillips, by emailing Alonna and request to have your email forwarded on to Kathleen.