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ABB is using a group of literary editors to review and edit our thousands of questions. This is an ongoing process, and all our questions will be under constant review. We are increasing the number of questions per book so we can offer 12 rounds of questions for every level of questions for most of our book lists.


ABB takes the month of July off so our volunteer member staff can take a summer break. You can still reach us through emails or phone calls but please have patience for us to get back to you.

ABB’s Membership Order Form will have the option to order questions for the present school year and next school year (or previous year). This will allow our members to plan ahead for their competitions. However, we do not mail questions to our members until the 1st week of September each school year.

ABB will no longer be reimbursing membership fees for questions/rounds that were ordered incorrectly by our members. Please make sure you are ordering the 'membership(s)' for the booklist(s) and grade level(s) you need. If you have questions or are not sure, as to which membership(s) to order, please contact us first before sending in your membership form with your check.

The Starter Kit (a thumb drive): This includes examples of forms,  judging sheets, letters, and a host of other items you might need to conduct a battle at your school site. Eight logos are ready for a graphic printer for banners, posters, t-shirts, etc., as well as a video showing examples of competitions. The forms were designed for a district-wide competition, but these forms will give you examples for generating/creating specific forms for your competition.

What's New

The Starter Kit is in a thumb drive, we no longer offer a DVD or CD. There are almost 20 documents, 8 logos, and videos designed to help you with your competitions.

ABB has changed the number of titles in our Standard book lists. We now will have 28 titles in the Standard book lists, no longer 30 titles which ABB offered for almost 30years.

ABB reading program does meet Common Core Standards/Guidelines, as well as, all 50 States reading/literature standards by analyzing and describing in depth characters, settings, and plots; developing reading perseverance; finding main ideas and details in literature; and the development of vocabulary and sentence structure. The concept 'battle of the books' does not tell a student ‘how to think or reason’ but rather gives knowledge to a student, so he or she may think independently and academically grow in skills of higher-level thinking.

Home School and Christian School Book Lists have been combined with 15 titles in each of the 3-5 and 6-8 lists which will now be on a 3-year rotation cycle. The 9-12 book list will stay the same each year.

Short 12 Book List Membership - includes 12 rounds of questions of 24 questions each for the 10 titles/books lists, for use at local school site competitions only.

Medium 20 Book List Membership - includes 12 rounds of questions of 24 questions each for the 20 titles/books lists, for use at local and district/county level competitions.

Standard 28 Book List Membership - includes 12 rounds of questions of 24 questions each for the 30 titles/books lists, for use at local and district/county competitions.

Elite 36 Book List Membership - includes 12 rounds of questions of 24 questions each for the 36 titles/books lists, for use at local, county, and state level competitions.

High School Book Lists Membership has three book lists. The 10-12 grade reading list is on a three-year rotation cycle while the other two book lists remain the same each year. All book lists include 12 rounds of questions of 24 questions.