:: Mission, History & Policy Statements ::

We are a values based organization whose purpose is to nourish the hearts and minds of children with excellent literature. We believe children are a gift from God and should be encouraged and given the opportunity to develop their potential through the discovery of reading.

Our aim is to support students in their love and discovery for reading by introducing them to quality literature, to offer books that build upon historical values and the dignity of life, and to develop friendships between students based upon socialization, competition, and mutual respect.

All individuals, groups, or organizations using any of our materials or services must adhere to our Mission Statement's purpose...creating literacy and the enjoyment of reading.

America's Battle of the Books has been in operation for over twenty-five years. We are patterned after "battle of the books", a reading competition program, which has been used in schools for more than one hundred years.

Originally we were called Battle of the Books, starting in a small rural school district in Belridge, California. When we grew outside of Kern County we became America's Battle of the Books. We are in every state in the Union and our program is presently being used in every continent overseas except Antarctica.

We do not sell questions but offer a variety of memberships. Our questions will always remain the property of America's Battle of the Books. Our members are allowed to use our questions for their educational purposes and to increase the enjoyment of reading. America's Battle of the Books (ABB) retains the ownership of all our questions and our members understand that the questions are copyrighted and may only be used for the purposes as stated on our website. ABB memberships may be revoked and materials returned and/or become financially liable if copyright laws are not respected nor the educational purposes of ABB. ABB reserves the right to not to do business with any individual, group, or school if it believes ethical business practices or children's educational rights have been violated.

As of January 1, 2014, we will no longer be reimbursing membership fees for questions/rounds that were ordered incorrectly. Please make sure you are ordering the 'membership(s)' for the booklist(s) and grade level(s) you are needing. If you have questions or are not sure, as to which membership(s) to order, please contact us first before sending in your membership form with your check.

Our hope is to sponsor a national battle of the books competition during the next decade.

America's Battle of the Books (ABB) never sells, rents, leases or exchanges personal information with other organizations or businesses. ABB assures you that the identity of all who contact us through this Web site or membership order forms will be kept confidential. ABB may occasionally send mailing addresses/names to other organizations when their interests align with ABB policy or to further contacts between groups in order for schools or groups to compete or form competitions in a particular area.