:: Frequently Asked Questions ::

Do students have to read all the books?
No. Most students read only about half of the books. There are of course a few great readers who complete the whole list, but there are some who might only be able to read five of the books.

What is America's Battle of the Books (ABB)?
It is a reading incentive program that is designed for 3-12 grade readers. Students read books from our book list and then compete with their peers in a Family-Feud or Wiz-Kids style of competition that is conducted and organized by local schools or local public library system.

How do I get started?
Become an association member of ABB, you may do this online via our website. Have your local group or school purchase books in accordance to our book list and develop an in-house reading incentive system to encourage students to read these books. Order questions for your competition (via our website) and begin to find sponsors and helpers to support and conduct your local battle at your site or region.

Do I need other schools to have a battle or can I just have only one at my school?
It is best to start small. The first time you conduct a battle, we recommend that you do it alone at your school site. However, it is always good to have other schools in your district or in your area conduct their own battle. The second year plan on conducting an area or district wide battle.

When will we have a national competition?
We are planning for such a competition within the next decade. We still need more states to become part of ABB in order to solicit national sponsors to cover the costs of each team being sent to a national competition.

Who else is participating in my state?
We list school districts or organizations that have participated in the past on our website, it is updated bi-yearly.

Who can I call to get help with how to get started and answer many of my questions?
You can call us at 661-248-1009 or contact one of our members in your area.

Do we need to have awards for the winning teams?
Absolutely! However we suggest that you keep it to a minimum. We suggest that you find ways to honor all participants. Solicit local business and your local newsmedia to supply awards and give recognition to all students.

Do we keep the questions you send to us?
No. You must destroy the sets of questions/rounds we send to you each year. These questions must not be used till the very day of the competitions/battles. You may neither sell nor lend questions to other school sites or districts. Nor may you duplicate the questions for use by other schools or groups. Questions may only be copied by the school site or organization that requested the questions and for the precise battle they are conducting. All copies of the questions must be destroyed after the battles have been conducted.

May we use the title Battle of the Books on our own logo at our school?
Yes. However, you may not sell or duplicate our logo or title America's Battle of the Books without our written permission.

Can students use audio tapes instead of reading the books?
Yes, we do not care if they read or listen to the books on our list. We understand the many types of learners and we believe that all students should be given the chance to participate.

When should we order questions?
At the same time you send to us your membership form with fee. You may always go back at a future date and order regional and state memberships.

Are there any requirements for ordering regional and state memberships?
Yes there are. You need to list on each form the names of schools participating in the regional and/or state battles. There is a minimum of 4 schools for regional questions and 10 for state questions. Remember that each school listed must have current membership with ABB. Each member may only represent their particular school.

Where can I get the books?
Teachers and librarians may order copies of each book on the list from wholesale distributor, www.planetwyatt.com. 909.244.8904.