:: Set Up ::

Personnel Arrangements:

You will need enough Readers and Time-Keeper/Scorer/Judges to have a pair in each room of competition. You will also need a Master of Ceremonies (your local coordinator) to welcome the group, explain the rules of play, make announcements throughout the day, present awards, and generally lead the day. Should you choose to provide lunch, enough volunteers should be on hand to prepare and serve. And don't forget a clean-up crew!

Physical Arrangements (An Example):

In addition to a large gathering room (an auditorium or gymnasium), you will need sufficient rooms for the number of teams participating where two tables can be arranged at the front for the teams, and another table facing the two for the Reader and the Timekeeper/Scorer/Judge (TSJ).

In each room you will need:

  1. A packet of questions--24 for each round, clearly labeled
  2. A copy of the Official Book List
  3. A copy of the Official Rules
  4. Sufficient score sheets for each round
  5. A stopwatch and clipboard for the TSJ

In addition, the following equipment will need to be kept in the gathering room:

  1. A table set up for registration and sign-in
  2. A full set of the books in case a challenge occurs. (These should be kept out of sight of the participants in the final round.)
  3. A large easily read chart drawn to accommodate the round-robin format for all teams participating
  4. Adequate food service for the number of students participating (optional)
  5. Stuffed animal mascots sufficient for the number of teams participating with no two alike for 4th -6th grades (optional) and professional sports team pennants for 6th - 8th grades. (optional)