:: Request for Title Consideration & Submission and/or Title Reconsideration/Removal ::

The selection of books is one of the basic duties of our selection committees and professional staff of America's Battle of the Books. We feel it is necessary to read every book on our book lists before they are selected. We also recognize that a member of the ABB’s community/membership may find a book they would like to recommend to ABB, or a book they find personally objectionable and wish it to be removed. Since we are a service organization, we believe that everyone should be allowed to add or question the inclusion of any title in our many book lists. Each request will be given serious consideration. However, until an examination has been made and a decision reached, the book will not be added or removed from the collection.

If you are requesting a consideration of a particular title, please print, fill out, and mail the Request for Consideration & Submission form to us. By submitting the form, you are requesting a formal review of the book by our book selection committee. This form will be sent to the selection committee who will examine the item in question and determine whether it conforms to our standards of literary material for students to read.

Anyone expressing concern about any of our books should write a formal letter to ABB expressing his/her concerns/reasons for the removal or grade level re-placement of a book. The selection committee is always willing to discuss the possibility of withdrawing titles, which have been included on the book lists.

America's Battle of the Books booklists are copyrighted and may not be used by any individuals, businesses, or groups without the written permission of America's Battle of the Books.