:: State Competitions ::

Starting in the 2014-15 school year, ABB will be sponsoring statewide competitions for every state in the nation.

We have a new state competition this year. Germantown Library System is hosting a statewide Tennessee Battle of the Books Competition. You can find more about Tennessee’s competition through Facebook, YouTube or www.battleofthebooks.tn.org.

We are hoping that a few more states will formulate a committee and begin a statewide competition. States that have schools in place to do so are: New Jersey, Colorado, Utah and Northern California.

If your school, organization, or group would like to organize and help sponsor a statewide competition please contact ABB. We will be organizing competitions in those states that form a committee (we can help with finding committee members), secure a place for a competition (a school facility), pick a date for the competition that will be posted on our website (most likely state competitions will be held in late May or early June), and decide on the number of students that can attend the competition.

There will be a form to fill out and all information will need to be verified by ABB, all state competitions will have to use the Elite 36 book list, and other new titles/books might be added prior to the competition.

ABB will be working closely will state committees in order to lay the groundwork for a national competition. Committee members may be paid for their efforts depending on the sponsors and financial support they receive.