:: Standard Book List for 6th - 8th Grades: 2013-14 ::

Author Title
Avi The Good Dog
Abbott Firegirl
Choldenko Al Capone Does My Shirts
Cooney Face on the Milk Carton
Draper Out of My Mind
DuPrau City of Ember
O’Dell Black Star, Bright Dawn
Farmer House of the Scorpion
Freedman Lincoln: A Photobiography
Giff Nory Ryan’s Song
Hesse Out of the Dust
House Maddy Takes the Ice
Jimenez Breaking Through
Kadohata Kira-Kira (pronounced Keera-Keera)
Kessler Tail of Emily Windsnap
Konigsburg Silent to the Bone
Lupica Heat
Mikaelsen Touching Spirit Bear
Nixon Other Side of Dark
Park Project Mulberry
Paterson Bridge to Terabithia
Paver Wolf Brother
Peck The Teacher’s Funeral
R.J. Palacio Wonder
Riordan Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief
Rylant Missing May
Schmidt Wednesday Wars
Van Draanen Flipped
Yep Dragonwings
Yolen Devil’s Arithmetic

Some titles are more appropriate for 8th grade readers rather than 6th grade readers, please assign titles to appropriate grade(s) & reading levels.

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